Slide-In SIM

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Supplier part number: 9162-200
Name:Slide-In SIM
Description:The standard SIM connector is specifically designed for handheld devices requiring secure subscriber identification. - Following on from the introduction of our standard SIM block with an offering of 3 standard heights, 0.80mm, 1.60mm, or 2.40mm, AVX is now adding another standard to the 9162 series SIM connectors, the slide-in SIM. - Unlike SIM blocks which require SIM card guides to aid insertion, removal and retention of the SIM card, the slide-in SIM has guides as part of the connector mold design. - Contacts are stamped, gold plated, rated 0.5A, and 5000 mechanical cycles. Our contact design is specifically rounded to avoid any possible damage during and after card insertion to the card itself, assuming normal use. The design also incorporates protection features to avoid contact damage during this operation such as contact snagging. - Please contact the appropriate sales office for further details of this service.
Datasheet(s):Slide-In SIM 9162-200.pdf,