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Getting Started

Join a growing community of 3D ContentCentral suppliers and reach more than 1338739 designers and engineers around the world. This video will show you how to get started by creating your company catalog and uploading content to your catalog in multiple CAD formats or directly from SOLIDWORKS. See how to use the Import Excel template to upload many models at once.
Format: MP4
Length: 1:54 minutes
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Learn how to prepare your models for publishing by adding display name, description, tags, and categories to make your models discoverable on 3D ContentCentral. This video also shows how to reuse engineering CAD model data while protecting intellectual property by using the defeature tool. Finally, review how the models will appear on the site before publishing them.
Format: MP4
Length: 2:58 minutes
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Web Syndication

Enhance your company web presence with CAD models. Publishing an online catalog to your company website is easier than ever with Web Syndication. Use either the automatic syndication method to embed the content directly into your website or simply add links to your models to open them in a new window or display them in an iframe.
Format: MP4
Length: 2:33 minutes
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Usage Report

Learn how to use 3D ContentCentral analytics to get sales leads to help increase your company's sales and measure your ROI.
Format: MP4
Length: 2:15 minutes
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