Uploading models

Reviewing models  

Publishing models

Maintaining models


Reviewing models in the Supplier Services account on 3D ContentCentral is straightforward using the editing page and the Uploaded files area.

Using Edit on Uploaded files, you can open an editing page for a model, which enables you to modify all fields associated with a model. You can add drawing files and datasheets to the selected model to provide more information about the product to the user community. You can preview models to optimize the appearance and function of configurations and model details before publishing the models to the 3D ContentCentral user community.

The easy-to-use Uploaded files area provides several efficient ways to update models and model information. You can use Get Report to generate an Excel file with information about the models and files in the Supplier Services account. You can view all model files that have been uploaded and make changes to the file information associated with those models.

Uploaded Files

Use the Uploaded files area to manage your models on 3D ContentCentral. After you upload your files to 3D ContentCentral with the File Upload tool, you use the features of the Uploaded files area to modify your models' data and to publish or unpublish the models.

The Uploaded files area supports bulk management of models. You can edit many of the attributes of one item or multiple items in the model grid by selecting the corresponding models. You can also edit all items by selecting the box at the top of the selection box column.

To access the Uploaded files area, click Uploaded files.


Model Data

The model grid shows every model and its associated data. This data is used to:
  • Describe the model
  • Keep track of its publish status
  • Show if the download includes features or if they are removed
  • Identify any associated files the model has such as datasheets and drawing files
  • Keep statistics (views/downloads) on its use by the community
  • Record who last edited it and when
  • List the health of the model

This table lists all model data.

Item Description Notes
Part Number

For models with configurations, the part number is combined with the configuration name.

For models without configurations, this is the part number.

Part numbers cannot be changed.
Publish Status

Unpublished = new

Published = Available for download


Excluded = featureless download; does not include features in SOLIDWORKS model

Included = feature (parametric) download; includes features in SOLIDWORKS model

Filename Name of top level CAD file associated with model Required before publishing
Display Name Model name seen by community on model page and in search results Required before publishing
Categories At least one category is required for each model Required before publishing
Tags Supplier specified, used by search, but not visible to community  
Description Text that only appears in search results and provides information on the model  
Drawing Files

Supported formats:

  • Parametric
    • SOLIDWORKS (.slddrw)
  • Static
    • Pro/Engineer (.drw)
    • Static File Formats (.dxf)
  • Standalone
    • PDF files
Up to 10 files in formats:
  • Text (.txt)
  • Word Document (.doc, .docx)
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Excel File (.xls, .xlsx)
Views Total number of views (greater than or equal to 0)  
Downloads Total number of downloads (greater than or equal to 0)  
Last Edited On Date and time of last edit  
Last Edited By Username of the last person to edit  
Model Health Indicator of the model quality based on multiple checks performed by the system Recommended that errors be addressed to improve the model health. Models with very poor health ratings may be disabled by the system.

You can sort any column in the grid in ascending or descending order by clicking the column's title.


Update Models

You can edit or preview any selected model.


Preview Model

To preview a model:

  1. Select the model by clicking its selection box.
  2. Click the icon under Preview.
The model's information displays in a preview page showing how it will appear to users in 3D ContentCentral.
Note: If your model is not in a SOLIDWORKS format, a preview image is not generated. You can include your own preview image by selecting the location of the preview image in the File Upload tool or by using the Excel template.


Edit Model

To edit a model:

  1. Select the model by clicking its selection box.
  2. Click the icon under Edit. The model's information displays on an editable page. You can modify any item of the model's data, except the Model ID. The page also displays the publish status and when and by whom the model was last edited.
  3. When you complete your changes, click Save.


View Model Statistics

The Uploaded files area provides statistics on each model.

Views Total number of views of the model. The number of views resets to 0 if the model is updated
Downloads Total number of downloads of the model. The number of downloads resets to 0 if the model is updated.
Last Edited On Date and time of the last update of the model.
Last Edited By Username of the last update of the model.
Model Health A ranking of how the model performed on a series of tests. Models whose health is 100 are fine; models whose health is below 100 should be reviewed.


View Rejected Models

When you upload models to 3D ContentCentral, several basic checks are performed. Models that successfully pass the checks are added to the model grid. Models that fail the checks are added to the Rejected Models list.

Click Rejected Models on the Uploaded files page to see the list of rejected models. The list contains:

  • Filename
  • Reason for rejection
  • When the file was uploaded
  • Who uploaded the file

After you fix a model, you can upload it again and then publish it.


Manage Models

Once you select one or more components, you can choose from the following options.

Publish Makes the model available for all users on 3D ContentCentral.
Unpublish Removes the model from 3D ContentCentral, but keeps it in your list of models so that it can be published at some other time.
Delete Removes the model from your list of models. You would have to upload it again to add it to your list of models.
Apply Categories Displays the list of available 3D ContentCentral categories. After you select the desired categories, click Apply to assign the categories to the selected models. Click Remove to delete the categories from the selected models.
Apply Tags Displays a window that lets you enter one or more tags, separated by commas. Click Apply to assign the tags to the selected models.
Include/Exclude Features Sets the download to Excluded (no SOLIDWORKS features) or Included (SOLIDWORKS features remain). Click to toggle the value.
Get Report Generates an Excel spreadsheet consisting of all data contained in the Uploaded files page for your company.