Osco HSN 075 Hot Sprue Nozzles

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Nozzle Shank Length (in):
Nozzle Tip Diameter (in):
"O" Gate Diameter (in):
Tip Options:
Spherical Radius (in):
Plastic Processing Temperature:
150 - 800(by increments of 1)
Head heaters:
Band Heaters only for quote
Body heaters:
Brass coil - BMC
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Format: 3D 2D
Supplier part number: AFS 75
Name:Osco HSN 075 Hot Sprue Nozzles
Description:The HSN 75 offers two zones of temperature control. It is an excellent choice for processing high heat engineering grade resins as well as heat sensitive resins.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Interchangeable nozzle tips, heaters, and thermocouples
  2. Designed to fit into 1" diameter standard nozzle bore
  3. Lengths to suit standard mold plate thicknesses
  4. Retrofit cold sprue bushing without re-machining
  5. Quick payback on investment