Standard 2.5mm Pitch Battery

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Supplier part number: 00-9155-000
Name:Standard 2.5mm Pitch Battery
Description:The standard battery connector is specifically designed for mobile equipment. - The connectors are available in 3, 4 and 5 contact positions all on a 2.50mm pitch. The insulator height provides a 3mm spacing, with various contact nose heights from 1.20mm to 2.60mm, to provide spacing options to the end user. - All contacts are stamped and are rated to 3A, with Gold plating. Parts are supplied in tape and reel for automatic pick and place. Optional retaining brackets are available to provide greater strength when connected to the PCB. - Whatever your requirements, the 9155 series Battery Connector can also be customized to suit your applications.
Datasheet(s):Standard 2.5mm Pitch 9155-000.pdf,