Poke Home Horizontal

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Supplier part number: 00-9276
Name:Poke Home Horizontal
Description:The new 9276 series connector provides a quick and reliable wire-to-board termination in a sleek 2.5mm pitch SMT package for a broad range of industrial and commercial markets. With almost every product on the market today having to deal with a small number of discrete wires to connect components to a board, the 9276 series connectors meets this challenge by simply stripping the wire and inserting them into the connector. This makes the connector very termination friendly within the factory as well as in the field by electrical installers. Developed for harsh industrial and Solid State Lighting (SSL) applications, the connector was designed with a high spring force Beryllium Copper upper spring contact to accept a wide range (18-26 AWG solid or stranded) of wire to meet multiple applications with a single connector. By incorporating a dual contact design we were able to maximize current rating (6 Amps) and minimize PCB space. For example, the 4p connector has a footprint of 90 sq-mm while competing products are 160 sq-mm. The dual-contact design also provides two solder points for each wire eliminating the need for external anchor tabs. AVX provides a small insertion / extraction tool which will allow the wires to easily be replaced up to 5 times.
Datasheet(s):Poke Home Horizontal 00-9276.pdf,