IDC Plug

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Supplier part number: 14-9159
Name:IDC Plug
Description:AVX developed the 9159 Series of SMT connectors for co-planar PCB mating for the challenging Solid State Lighting (SSL) market. These connectors needed to be small, low in height, carry up to 5 Amps/contact and then function up to 125C for extended periods. This application has been very unique to the SSL market where PCB’s are stacked end-to-end to create linear strip lighting in everything from office to transportation applications where products are exposed to harsh mechanical and environmental environments. - The IDC cable plug connector allows for 22-24AWG discrete or cabled wires to be easily and reliability terminated into a 9159 standard interface socket connector. This will allow power and signals to be connectors onto a PCB socket connector while providing positive latching. The wire assembly support block allows for 2 through 6 wires to be terminated all in one step with any standard bench top press. IDC covers provide both through (daisy chain applications) and wire stop termination options.
Datasheet(s):IDC Plug 14-9159.pdf,