Top Load Socket

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Supplier part number: 22-9159
Name:Top Load Socket
Description:The 9159 series of Board-to-Board interconnect system allows two PCB's to be mated end-to-end creating strips of LED lighting. Designed specifically for the unique Solid State Lighting (SSL) market requiring coplanar (horizontal-to-horizontal) PCB mating with a 5 Amp current rating in the smallest package available. The top loading socket allows complete PCB’s to be replaced in the field without having to dissemble the entire strip of boards. The connector has a two part insulator whereby the top of the connector will slide open allowing the plug connector to be pulled out either vertically or at a slight angle. Once the PCB is replaced, the cover is slid back like a Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connector to the closed position. The PCB layout is identical to the standard horizontal socket to maintain family commonality at the PCB level.
Datasheet(s):Top Load Socket 22-9159.pdf,