Inverted Thru Board Card Edge

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Supplier part number: 9159-500
Name:Inverted Thru Board Card Edge
Description:AVX has developed the 1-Piece bottom entry card edge connector to allow a perpendicular PCB to be mated to a top mounted main FR4 or metal core PCB from the bottom side. The most popular application on the market is in the LED bulb market where the FR4 driver card needs to mate to the top pads on a metal core LED board. A unique design feature of the AVX connector is that it allows for both a 1.6mm and 0.8mm mating PCB thickness, giving designers flexibility in their PCB layout and selection. The additional “Anti-Touch” cap can be ordered pre-assembled onto the connector or separately. This component protects an individual for electrical contact if the lens comes off or the bulb is broken. This is a UL mandated safety requirement. - The connectors offer a range of 2 positions to 6 positions in order to add additional functionality in the application design such as color control or specific control lines. The connector is UL rated with halogen free material and capable of operating temperatures up to 120ºC.
Datasheet(s):Inverted Thru Board 00-9159.pdf,