Vertical Top Entry Card Edge

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Supplier part number: 9159-551
Name:Vertical Top Entry Card Edge
Description:AVX continues to develop unique connectors to fill the gap in the industrial market, specifically as it relates to low pin count requirements. The newest addition to AVX’s broadening line of one piece card edge connectors is the 2p-6p top entry version which complements the bottom entry version released last year. This new configuration will allow small perpendicular daughter cards to be plugged in from the top side of the main board. The single connector option offers an alternative to the more traditional and costly two piece solution. - This small connector is packed with several key features that provide significant functionality in a broad range of robust industrial applications. The contact system is gold plated for enhanced reliability, signal integrity and full 2A/contact current rating. The PCB board opening is dual slotted to accept either a 0.8mm or 1.6mm thick daughter card within the same connector body.
Datasheet(s):Vertical Top 00-9159.pdf,