PH Micro Single Vertical Contact

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Supplier part number: 9296-1X2
Name:PH Micro Single Vertical Contact
Description:AVX continues to develop innovative connectors for the industrial electronics market that provide significant benefits over existing, outdated connector solutions. The latest release is single vertical Wire-to-Board (WTB) contacts that provide cost effective, yet robust discrete wire termination without the expense of an insulator and assembly costs. This new family of top and bottom entry contacts compliments the existing vertical poke home connectors already on the market, providing a lower cost solution without jeopardizing performance. - The new contacts support both solid and stranded wires ranging from 26AWG down to 22AWG and current ratings as high as 8 amps. Due to the mechanical stiffness of the small contact, 26AWG stranded wires may need to be pre-tinned to facilitate insertion. The set of four contacts provide both top and bottom entry for FR4 and metal core printed circuit boards.
Datasheet(s):PH Micro Single Vertical Contact 70-9296.pdf,