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Requested Macro Name Cutlist Auto new part and Save
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Language English
SOLIDWORKS version SolidWorks 2020
Document Type SolidWorks Assembly SolidWorks Part
Pre Condition Solidworks Cutlist Views
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Description I often make cut list prints for more complex weldment projects. I have to save many weldment cutlist parts as "New Parts " in order to bring them into the drawing to better define angles, bends, hole position, and so on. I would like a macro that would take one of each of the cut list items and Auto save them into a "Cutlist Items Folder" under the same saved file folder and save each new part as the cutlist name. Then I can pick which parts I need to bring into drawing to define. This would save me a great deal of time on complex weldments. I would be nice if this could also work in assembly grabbing the cutlist parts from the parts but is not necessary if its too much work.
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Wayne Schwarze,ENG 
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Requested On 08/24/2020
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