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Name Chieftek Precision Co
Description Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd. has put every effort on research and development of linear motion products. By manufacture the key components, contribution and keep on operation. cpc miniature linear guide was produced in year 2000, as a key component for the precision measurement and inspection instrument. Recently, the semiconductor machinery equipments, electronics and peripheral industry are rising. Product miniaturization with high function density has became the necessary requirements and result in mechanical key component. cpc linear guide is an extensively application to most of the machinery in the modern technology today, such as, semiconductor machinery equipment, small machinery, ROBOT, fixture, tool, consumer OA product, and high price computer peripheral equipment fields. cpc has integrated professional and talent people, as the technical and operational team. We are taking a broad view with an aim to become the market leader in linear motion components.
Address line 1 新市鄉大利一路3號
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Countries Taiwan
Zip or Postal code 741-45
Phone 06-5055858
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Fax 06-5055959
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