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Name AP Dataweigh Inc
Description Please send us an e-mail describing your application and how our model was useful to you. AP Dataweigh, Inc. is a dynamic, custom checkweigher manufacturer serving the diverse checkweighing needs of the global market while taking pride in our made-in-America product line. Established in 1994, we continue to meet the growing demand for 100% product inspection and accommodate an increasing reliance upon conveyor scales. We deliver our commitment to being the world’s premiere provider of custom-built, in-motion weighing solutions by building checkweighers that increase productivity, ensure quality control and improve the customer’s bottom line. Whether checkweighing for out-of-tolerance products, checking for missing components or sorting by weight for distribution, AP Dataweigh, Inc. will help you find the best solution for your checkweighing application. AP Dataweigh, Inc. provides a complete line of dynamic checkweighers capable of addressing applications from small pharmaceuticals to high capacity industrial products. We distinguish ourselves by making what customers need, instead of selling customers what we make. AP In-Motion Checkweighers are built to customer specification and designed to integrate into a number of applications including logistics and distribution, consumer packaging, material handling and food processing. Because AP In-Motion Checkweighers are custom-built, they seamlessly fit into the customer’s conveyor line, eliminating the costs of revamping production areas to accommodate “standard” checkweighers. Tailored to best suit your unique checkweighing application, our open architecture and software-based operating system, makes interfacing with other equipment, such as scanners, fillers, metal detectors and sorters, easy and allows for future expansion and change.
Address line 1 2730 Northgate Court
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State/Province Georgia
Countries United States
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