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Santas Sled
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Wrong PartNumber="Santas Sled" specified. Please check the configuration information before proceeding: model configuration will be set to default configuration.
Modified on: August 01,2019  
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Supplier part number: Santas Sled
Description:Making a list and checking twice. Just in time for the holidays, the elves just put a new coat of wax on the sleigh. This multi-body part is made of mostly extruded features. Where possible, most of the geometry is mirrored to save time. Two sketch driven patterns place the presents and snowflakes. The pattern for the presents is a very unique case of where a 3D sketch is used to place and scale the presents. Both the presents and snowflakes are scaled to give a less "uniform" appearance of the patterns. To give more randomness to the present pattern, some of the presents are rotated using the move/copy bodies command. To facilitate the scaling of the presents, multiple coordinate systems are added to control the location of the presents so they stay coincident with the bench seats and/or the floor. Other features include thin features, circular patterns, combines, spirals, full round fillets, one boundary, and a split line curve. Download this model to learn more about spirals, sketch driven patterns, coordinate systems, scaling and rotating geometry, and this cool ride.


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