Starship Enterprise

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Starship Enterprise
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Starship Enterprise
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Modified on: August 13,2002  
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Model Description: Starship Enterprise
Name:Starship Enterprise
Description:Primary Hull of the starship enterprise. Secondary Hull of the starship enterprise. Assembly file putting the two parts together.


Download the model according to the specified sizing parameters in either 3D or 2D format.
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Daivd Bogenhagen
1/5/2011 10:51:38 PM
Great model
The model is scaled down and it created in just two parts.  I called it up in Inventor 2008.  Constraints and radii worked well.  Some select surfaces...
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Robert Kern
2/12/2010 8:53:06 AM
Very Good
Looks very close to the original.  One exception is the impulse engine porting.  In any case it looks a lot better than the Enterprise in the last mov...
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Phil Jones
12/23/2009 7:47:06 PM
Hey, I like it!
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Roberto Restrepo
7/7/2009 4:29:42 PM
great stuff
I like that it is not overly complicated - simple lines, but doesn''t leave a lot of details out.
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Joe Olson
3/9/2009 6:11:52 PM
My Kid Loves It!
My 5-year-old thinks the model is very cool.  He would love to see the Voyager star ship.  It has plenty of detail for a free model.  If I ever had th...
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Sam Hale
10/21/2008 1:39:44 PM
Good start
For the price, it's a great model. 
If you want to impress, there is plenty of room to add details.
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Darren Stevens
8/29/2007 12:20:57 PM
NCC 1701
Yes that is right, I am very impressed that somebody took the time to draw up in detail the very first Enterprise.  I only wish somebody would draw up...
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