Standard - Dome and Flex Top - Metric Threads - Nylon

Sealcon Hummel
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Standard - Dome and Flex Top - Metric Threads - Nylon
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Dome and Flex Metric Threads-Nylon
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Modified on: September 03,2009  
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Supplier part number: Dome and Flex Metric Threads-Nylon
Name:METRIC Threaded Strain Relief Fittings - Liquid Tight - NYLON - Cord Grips - Hummel - Sealcon
Description:Wherever a Metric thread strain relief fitting is used, this strain relief fitting will give you a greatly increased cable range with superior corrosion protection. Typical applications are: Control cabinets, marine, car washes, -hot tubs, instrumentation, carpet cleaning machines, food processing equipment, underground for direct burial or submersed up to 300 ft. (150 PGIG) , Nylon, Straight dome and flex nut, Metric Threaded Strain Relief Fittings - Liquid Tight - Cord Grips - Hummel - Sealcon


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Tiff Tunstall
6/27/2018 6:01:36 PM
flex pigtail - just what I needed.
This is a great time saver. Thanks!
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Tony Ewers
12/2/2015 7:08:20 AM
Incorrect Configs
The size in the selection table does not link to the correct model.....
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Mark Dalley
3/3/2015 5:33:26 AM
all configurations appear the same
It doesn''t matter which configuration you select. They are all the same...and unfortunately not the one I want.
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