Distribution Boards do not have any protection.;4X32A;2X3X16A

SI Spamel
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Distribution Boards do not have any protection.;4X32A;2X3X16A
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Modified on: April 07,2016  
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Supplier part number: ROS5\X-50
Name:Distribution Boards do not have any protection.;4X32A;2X3X16A
Description:Distribution boards ROS 5,7,11-module fitted with sockets, disconnector and protection


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SI Spamel
S.I. Spamel is a manufacturer of low-voltage electrotechnical products for electrotechnical, machining, energetic and building industries. Our products meet all domestic and European safety provisions, they have certificates for safety sign "B" and quality certificates of Research Institutes in Ukraine and Russia. S.I. Spamel has implemented Management System based on standards: - PN-EN-ISO 9001 – Quality Management System, - PN-EN-ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System. The company's goal is to meet our customers business requirements and provide them with highest level of quality, value and services. Products of S.I. Spamel are recognized and esteemed by designers, investors and installators. We cooperate with wholesalers of electrotechnical goods and with industry customers who use our products as subassemblies for final products for export as well. The Company exhibits its products at trade fairs in Poland and abroad. We also hold training courses for our customers. Our product range includes: - Control Pushbuttons SP22 - Control Pushbuttons ST22 - Control Switches FS10 - Cam Switches SK, ŁKR, ŁK - Disconnectors RSI - Power Changeover Switches PRZK - Switch Sockets ZI - Switch Receptacles ZO - Motor Start Units RZ - Interlocked Switch Sockets GB - Distribution Boards ROS
SI Spamel
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Twardogóra, Wroclaw, 56416
Phone: +48713150268
Fax: +48713150268
Web Page: https://www.spamel.eu
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