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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 C-608 SpringsC-608century spring corp jorge chavez 1/23/2015
1 7 pin DDPAK TransistorsP75UCCAPEX Jun Gong 1/23/2015
1 Ultra Tiny Corner Clip EnclosuresUTCCHolland Shielding Robert Billen 1/23/2015
1 RN4020 EnclosuresRN4020-V/RMMicrochip Predrag Pejic 1/23/2015
1 JCA0305S12 CONVERTER, Power SuppliesJCA0305S12XP POWER John Her 1/23/2015
1 B82799C0 TransistorsB82799C0/S0TDK John Her 1/23/2015
1 bcp5w ResistorsBCP5WBI TECHNOLOGIES John Her 1/23/2015
1 HCI-68 TransformersHCI-68PULSE John Her 1/23/2015
1 SMD100F FusesSMD100F-2TE CONNECTIVITY John Her 1/23/2015
1 motoreductor Electrical   Victor Sarango 1/22/2015
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