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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 12-Power WQFN Sensors620-1484-6-NDDigi-Key Rathnakar Meka 12/10/2018
1 Winbond 8-Pad USON 2x3mm PackagesW25X05CLUXIGWinbond Rob Yost 12/9/2018
1 TPS65987DDHRSHR PackagesTPS65987DDHRSHRTexas Instruments Rob Yost 12/8/2018
1 1.3inch OLED Display SH1106 Various ElectricalSH1106NULL 秋泽 广岛 12/7/2018
1 K1-1502SA-01 KnobsK1-1502SA-01KOREAN HROPARTS ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD 秋泽 广岛 12/7/2018
1 fischer core series size 102 ConnectorsK 102 A051-130+fischer connectors Sarah Dean 12/6/2018
1 STAR – Ball Rail and Roller Rail Systems Mechanical Clamping Units Roller Bearings1619 340 60Rexroth Boshc Group Isaac Alonso 12/4/2018
1 3D(.step/stp格式) ConnectorsDIN-120RSC-SR1-KR3M Emma Wang 12/1/2018
1 linear bearing block BearingsPMN25pbc linear Chris Grove 11/30/2018
1 FW1-015GP006 Assorted Hydraulic ComponentsFW1-015GP006  Jesus Paramo 11/28/2018
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