Supplier Levels

Features Free Standard Professional Premium
Create Company Catalog Check Check Check Check
Upload Content to Company Catalog Check Check Check Check
Standard 3DCC Categories Check Check Check Check
View Download Statistics Check Check Check Check
Disk Space 1 GB 5 GB 25 GB 100 GB
Monthly Leads  0 200 1200 3000
Verified Supplier Listing    Check Check Check
Web Syndication      Check Check
Create Custom Product Groups      Check Check
Request for Quote      Check Check
Catalog Creation Service*      Check Check
Web Service API (coming soon)        Check
    199 USD
per month*
449 USD
per month*
849 USD
per month*
*Price based on annual subscription


Instantly publish your models to 1,811,129 of 3D ContentCentral users so that they can complete their product designs. Get on the Bill of Material's of 1000's of designs around the globe, increasing your company's market exposure and sales.


Become a verified supplier to raise your company’s profile to the 3DCC user community. Obtain up to 200 leads per month of the 3DCC users who download your models to drive company sales.


Syndicate your 3DCC catalog to enhance your company’s website and drive customer leads. Obtain up to 1200 leads per month of the 3DCC users who download your models and an unlimited number from your own website.


Fully customize your 3D Catalog on your website using APIs and integrate your 3D models into e-commerce solutions such as Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). Benefit from up to 3,000 leads per month and increase sales by expanding your marketing reach.