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Wing Section Maker 2011
Downloads: 1138

(17 Ratings)
Contributed on: 1/2/2011
Description:  NACA four digit and five digit wing section maker with reader for UIUC database files (*.dat) version a3, Mar 2011 for SW2011. Added European number support, folder memory and log file
By:  Scott Vader
Company:  Unicell
Category:  Parts 
airfoil  naca  section  uiuc  wing 
PDF drawing in same location then close drawing
Downloads: 1784

(15 Ratings)
Contributed on: 4/21/2010
Description:  Creates a PDF of the Drawing file thats open and saves the PDF in the same location and file name as the drawing. The program then closes the drawing once the PDF is created.
By:  Nick Brown
Company:  Purolator Facet
Category:  Other 
_drawing  _pdf_generation  _save_pdf  pdf 
Save Picture
Downloads: 1421

(13 Ratings)
Contributed on: 1/20/2009
Description:  One click saves a picture of the current view in the folder of the model with the models name and a following number attached to the end.
By:  Philipp Hagenstein
Company:  Silhouette
Category:  Other 
SW_UNITS update for 2010
Downloads: 552

(10 Ratings)
Contributed on: 11/25/2009
Description:  This program utilizes a simple form to toggle between "MM" and "INCHES" mass (Lbs - grams). Other variables can be set, the text Font display & sizes , Angle of Projection , Decimal places (fraction) , & standard ANSI - ISO etc. You can quickly apply the last settings by picking the "LAST" button
By:  David Yuill
Company:  Mechanical Advantage Designs
Category:  Drawings 
arrowsize  bentleader  decimalplaces  fraction  inches  mass  mm  projection  standards  textfont  textsize  toggle  units 
Save Directory As Pdf V2.1
Downloads: 1079

(9 Ratings)
Contributed on: 11/4/2009
Description:  Conversion en masse de plans SW -> PDF
By:  Marco Ruggiero
Company:  Recomatic
Category:  Drawings 
conversionrépertoire  convert  folder  pdf  saveas 
Downloads: 977

(8 Ratings)
Contributed on: 9/23/2009
Company:  HAGIE MFG.
Category:  Other 
Color Assembly
Downloads: 652

(6 Ratings)
Contributed on: 4/11/2011
Description:  This macro automates assigning colors to Parts and Sub-Assemblies from within an Assembly. Not really much difference between the SW 2007 and 2010 x32 versions. With the 2007 version you should be able to just change the Reference Libraries to your current version of SolidWorks. The 2010 x32 version does use a new method (I’m not sure when it was introduced) that makes it not backward compatible.
By:  Tobin Sparks
Company:  National Oilwell Varco
Category:  Assemblies 
assemblies  automation  colors 
1 click convert : drawing to pdf
Downloads: 973

(6 Ratings)
Contributed on: 6/14/2011
Description:  Convert drawing to PDF in same directory under same name
By:  Martin Gruijters
Company:  Metaal Industrie Uden BV
Category:  Drawings 
adobe  convert  converting  drawing  pdf 
Centre of Gravity Macro
Downloads: 1342

(6 Ratings)
Contributed on: 2/11/2012
Description:  Creates a point at the centre of gravity for the part/ assembly
By:  Dave Ashford
Company:  Solid Solutions Mgmt
Category:  Sketch 
centre  gravity  macro  of 
Units in/mm Toggle-Rev 2
Downloads: 618

(5 Ratings)
Contributed on: 1/27/2009
Description:  Rev 2* Some of us have to work with both units of measure; this makes it quick and easy to toggle back and forth. * improved code added Status Bar info (button and installation instructions included)
By:  Tobin Sparks
Company:  National Oilwell Varco
Category:  Assemblies 
in  inches  length  millimeters  mm  toggle  units 

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