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Contributed on: 8/25/2014
Description:  This program will sort the parts & assemblies in an Assembly Tree in an assembly model in ascending or descending alpha / numeric order. For SW 2014 / 2015
By:  David Yuill
Company:  Mechanical Advantage Designs
Category:  Assemblies 
alpha  ascending  assembly  descending  feature  numerically  sorted  tree 
Center line color
Downloads: 701

(3 Ratings)
Contributed on: 1/21/2010
Description:  Changes the color or center lines and center marks to the color set in the macro
By:  Garrett Brooks
Company:  R&S Industries
Category:  Drawings 
Coincident Sketch Relation
Downloads: 1707

(3 Ratings)
Contributed on: 1/5/2008
By:  Karen Jones
Company:  SolidWorks Corp
Category:  Sketch 
Random Part Color Changer
Downloads: 555

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Contributed on: 1/22/2013
Description:  This macro changes the color of the active part. If you run this in an assembly, it will change the color of the entire assembly.
By:  jim moshier
Company:  PTI
Category:  Parts 
appearance  part 
Downloads: 1002

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Contributed on: 6/6/2008
Description:  Example code showing how to have a macro wait for a user action. Also included is example code on how to feed messages to the status bar.
By:  Matthew Lorono
Company:  Cepheid
Category:  Other 
code  example  statusbar  wait 
Copy Colors
Downloads: 739

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Contributed on: 6/19/2009
Description:  Copies part level colors from one assembly component to another
By:  Mahir Abrahim
Company:  .
Category:  Assemblies 
appearance  assembly  assign  color  component  copy  duplicate  part 
Retrieve configuration specific custom properties
Downloads: 756

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Contributed on: 12/6/2010
Description:  This macro will retrieve configuration specific custom properties from a part model and list them in a notepad (.txt) format. The file will be saved on the users desktop. The default properties will be listed at the end in the notepad. This macro is tweaked from an existing SW API.
By:  Dheeraj Shetty
Company:  UFTBeeken
Category:  Parts 
configuration  custom  macro  properties 
File Copy (with blank property values)
Downloads: 422

(1 Ratings)
Contributed on: 1/18/2010
Description:  Macro to save file as copy with blanked out specified properties values
By:  Deepak Gupta
Category:  Parts 
_file_copy  file_property 
ISO & Shaded With Edges.swp
Downloads: 186

(1 Ratings)
Contributed on: 7/1/2009
By:  Deepak Gupta
Category:  Parts 
isometric  viewdisplaymode 
BOM TABLE Up to Date
Downloads: 948

(1 Ratings)
Contributed on: 5/19/2009
Description:  This macro verifies if BOM table in assembly is up-to-date. If the BOM table is not up-to-date then it reports 3 types of failures: 1. Missing Components Info 2. Extra Components Info 3. Components with mismatched quantity
By:  SolidWorks Design Checker
Company:  SolidWorks
Category:  DesignChecker 

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