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SOT323 (SC70)
Downloads: 4078

(17 Ratings)
Contributed on: 8/18/2010
Title: SOT323 (SC70)
Catalog: User Library
Supplier part number:SOT 323 (SC 70-3)
Downloads: 4518

(17 Ratings)
Contributed on: 2/27/2011
Title: TSSOP-14
Description: 0.65mm pitch
Catalog: User Library
By:Aleksandr Golitsyn
Fuse Holder
Downloads: 3869

(17 Ratings)
Contributed on: 2/8/2013
Title: Fuse Holder
Description: Fuse Holder (for 5x20mm fuses) with fuse
Catalog: User Library
By:Leszek Madej
Downloads: 2783

(16 Ratings)
Contributed on: 6/6/2013
Title: SOT363
Description: SOT363, SC70, EIAJ SC-70 6-lead SMD package, most material condition
Catalog: User Library
By:Ryan Rutledge
Company:Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc
Supplier name:Fairchild
Supplier part number:SOT363
Elko - SMD - F Package
Downloads: 4687

(16 Ratings)
Contributed on: 8/15/2010
Title: Elko - SMD - F Package
Description: Aluminium Elektrolyt Capacitor - Elko - F Package Ø=8.0mm, □=8.3mm, h=10.2mm
Catalog: User Library
By:Michael Fiedler
Company:Software + Systeme Erfurt GmbH
Supplier part number:F-Package Series: FC/S
1812 SMD Capacitor
Downloads: 5413

(15 Ratings)
Contributed on: 10/14/2009
Title: 1812 SMD Capacitor
Description: 1812 SMD Capacitor
Catalog: User Library
By:James Crowley
Company:GE Aviation
Supplier name:Kemet
Supplier part number:1812 Capacitor
Downloads: 2940

(13 Ratings)
Contributed on: 9/15/2009
Title: LQFP100
Description: 100-pin low-profile quad flat package outline, pitch 0.5 mm, body 14 x 14 mm
Catalog: User Library
By:Michael V
Company:Wi-CUE ltd
Supplier name:STMicroelectronics
Supplier part number:LQFP100
Downloads: 3527

(13 Ratings)
Contributed on: 11/19/2008
Title: LTC DD Pak
Description: DD Pak, 7-Lead, 5-Lead and 3-Lead Variants
Catalog: User Library
By:Andrew Lyon
Company:MCS Ltd
Supplier name:Linear Technology
Supplier part number:DD Pak
Tantalum Case D
Downloads: 2522

(13 Ratings)
Contributed on: 2/16/2013
Title: Tantalum Case D
Catalog: User Library
By:Kristof Papp
Downloads: 2095

(13 Ratings)
Contributed on: 9/3/2011
Title: FT232RL
Description: FTDI USB to serial converter in SSOP28 package
Catalog: User Library
By:Andrew Watson
Supplier name:FTDI
Supplier part number:FT232RL

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