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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 Fuse Holder HOLDER FOR FLR (ATO) PCB Fuses178.6164.0001Littelfuse Diego Jauregui 1/17/2020
1 DS1020-03-10M ConnectorsDS1020-03-10MConnfly asdasd asdasdasd 1/17/2020
1 VFSOP-8 TransistorsSN74LVC2G66ti Sangmin Kim 1/16/2020
1 741X163103JP Resistors741X163103JPCTS John Baughman 1/15/2020
1 Vorago VA41620 PackagesVA41620Vorago Technologies danny miller 1/15/2020
1 Return Line filter RFA 030 Piping ComponentsRFA 030STAUFF Uday Sai Chand Bandi 1/15/2020
1 ITR-9909 ElectricalITR9909台湾亿光 凯林 张 1/15/2020
1 捲軸夾持器 Hardware   tang tang 1/14/2020
1 JZC-32F Electrical继电器HF(宏发) 凯林 张 1/14/2020
1 TSL250-080F-2 ElectricalTSL250-080F-2Littelfuse Scott Volk 1/14/2020
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