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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 KT0803L Electrical KTMicro SERGIO GUERRA-GARCIA 11/27/2023
1 EX2-2U1S RelaysEX2-2U1SNEXEM Jason Suen 11/26/2023
1 A10VSO 100 Assorted Hydraulic ComponentsA10VSO 100 DFR/31R-VPA12N00Bosch Rexroth Loikx Nil 11/21/2023
1 LTST-C170KSKT LEDsLTST-C170KSKTLite-On John McCorkle 11/21/2023
1 no name Gauges   Dick Lindberg 11/21/2023
2 Pesquisar solicitação Automotive ww julio cesar soares ferreira 11/17/2023
1 TS-H016 Switches   卫星 周 11/17/2023
1 BC-3P-4.6 Connectors   卫星 周 11/17/2023
1 DG58C-B-2P13 ConnectorsDG58C-B-02P-13-00A(H)Degson Slawomir Gandyra 11/13/2023
1 PRS12R-2115K-103B1 PotentiometersPRS12R-2115K-103B1Bourns Inc. Kay Thaele 11/10/2023
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