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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 Servo motor MPM MotorsMPM x1151Rockwell Automation KARINA LIZBETH SÁNCHEZ 9/29/2022
1 KEYED SCREW JACK Various32Power32TransmissionMK-B9250T-9-XDUFF NORTON EDGE RED 9/29/2022
1 BVA300 Series Actuator Tubing Components Spirax Sarco ricardo santa cruz 9/23/2022
1 Rechercher une demande Hardware   daniel fontaine 9/17/2022
1 40-2115 Various Components40-211580/20 LARRY NGUYEN 9/15/2022
1 3801/16 Computers3801/163M Company Michael Figueroa 9/15/2022
1 J30J-51ZKW ConnectorsJ30J-51ZKWKaida taha hussien 9/15/2022
1 Dansep 22 Industrial32SystemsDansep22MOLDOW BE MCS-SERTI 9/15/2022
1 sg-100 plasma spray gun Various ComponentsSG-100 Plasma Torchpraxair tafa farhad shahgoli 9/13/2022
1 ATCA-08-251M-H ElectricalATCA-08-251M-HABRACON LUIS Z 9/6/2022
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