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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 Jet Fuel Nozzle Miscellaneous   Narendra Burdak 4/9/2021
1 39-00-0183 Connectors39-00-0183Molex Keith Koster 4/8/2021
1 S7 314C 2 PN/DP Electrical6ES7 314-6EH04-0AB0Siemens Alaaldin Alhadi 4/6/2021
1 13-104GVEB0GA0-S Various Electrical13-104GVEB0GA0-Sdigiwise international corporation murali r 4/5/2021
1 3M D-Sub连接器, MDR 102 系列, 26 路 母座, 直角主体, 通孔安装 2.54mm 节距, Various Components10226-5212PL3M Aron Lee 4/4/2021
1 2W2 Female Straight Connector ConnectorsD-SUB_2W2_Female_StraightChina manufacture Vladimir Kushner 3/29/2021
1 PLE-52M PackagesPLE-52MPROCHILD sys temp 3/28/2021
1 PLE-52M PackagesPLE-52MPROCHILD sys temp 3/28/2021
1 STM32L4A6 PackagesSTM32L4A6STM Kamaljeet Singh 3/27/2021
1 RJU002N06T106 SwitchesRJU002N06T106Rohm Semiconductor Hashmat Banday 3/26/2021
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