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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 TSL2561 Sensors   海俊 郑 11/21/2019
1 3D step file for Linear Technology LT8490EUKJ PackagesLT8490EUKJ#TRPBFCTLinear Technology Richard Constantine 11/21/2019
1 Powerflex 525 Electrical Rockwell Automation Les Auger 11/18/2019
1 WQFN10 (4X3) Transistors   lara chen 11/18/2019
1 LPAF-40-03.0-L-08-1-K-TR ConnectorsLPAF-40-03.0-L-08-1-K-TRSamtec Outhone Phettaphong 11/15/2019
1 LPAM-40-01.0-L-08-1-K-TR ConnectorsLPAM-40-01.0-L-08-1-K-TRSamtec Outhone Phettaphong 11/15/2019
1 Pulley, Power grip GT2 2M Gears and Sprockets gates Max St Aubin 11/15/2019
1 SKQBAQA010 tactile switch SwitchesSKQBAQA010ALPS Slavisa Micic 11/15/2019
1 Hamamatsu E5776-51 | SMA Fiber Optic Adapter for 8mm PMT Module Connectors Hamamatsu Slavisa Micic 11/13/2019
1 60312042114504 SMA connector Connectors60312042114504Wurth Slavisa Micic 11/13/2019
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