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Name Yardley Products
Description Yardley Products is a U.S. manufacturer of high quality threaded metal insert fasteners serving a wide range of fastening applications for OEMs and various other industries. Since 1946, Yardley Products has been delivering standard and custom manufactured threaded metal inserts for applications ranging from furniture and plastics to medical and electronics. Today, Yardley Products offers a large inventory of more than 24 million standard metal inserts ready to ship and can produce custom insert fasteners quickly and affordably. Yardley's metal inserts are designed to meet high tolerances, across a variety of materials ranging from wood to soft metals. The patented designed metal fasteners are available in a multitude of installation options, including molded-in, epoxied-in, thermal, pressed-in, and more. Strong threads allow Yardley inserts to fasten snugly to locating pins. Flexibility in order size makes Yardley Products an ideal supplier of inserts for companies large and small, requiring no minimum quantities on special order parts. Free samples of all stock items allow Yardley to assure the best fitting solution to every individual application.
Address line 1 10 West College Avenue
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State/Province Pennsylvania
Countries United States
Zip or Postal code 19067-8357
Phone 1-800-457-0154
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Fax 215-493-6796
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