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Name Zettlex
Description Zettlex designs and manufactures sensors that measure position or speed accurately and reliably in harsh conditions. Our company motto is 'Precision in the Extreme'.

Zettlex sensors use a unique, non-contact technology. The basic physics is inductive but we use printed circuits rather than the bulky transformer constructions of traditional inductive sensors. This enables compact, accurate, lightweight but robust position sensors with no contacts, no bearings, no delicate parts, no maintenance...just reliable measurements all day, every day.

Our sensors are used in the medical, defense, aerospace, industrial & petrochemical sectors and contain no ITAR components.

Zettlex is ISO-9001 certified for the design and manufacture of electronic sensors.
Address line 1 125 Middlesex Turnpike
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State/Province Massachusetts
Countries United States
Zip or Postal code 01730
Phone +1 (781) 266 5200
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