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Name AUBO Robotics
Description AUBO Robotics manufacture lightweight collaborative robots for industrial and academic use. Founded in 2013 as Smokie Robotics and had a name change in 2016 to AUBO Robotics. The company was developed in collaboration between three Phd professors from USA and China, to make a lightweight intelligent collaborative robot. This robot arm was specially designed with important functions from the start, combining state of the art technology with user friendliness to make this collaborative robot (Co-bot). The open source architecture enables the robot operating system (ROS) to be supported though API for industrial, research and academia use. AUBO-i5 robot uses the CAN Bus network to communicate between harmonic drives this offers un-parallel versatility to configure this robot from 3 to 7 DOF. This modular design also enables you to alter the link length between joints to fit custom applications. Low cost of ownership and high positional repeatability are some of the other criteria that makes up the outstanding features of this robot. AUBO Robotics holds several core patents and has strategic cooperation with several public companies leveraging the best of all new technology. We look forward to helping companies make use of this new technology and gain competitive advantage in manufacturing environment while removing the dangerous and repetitive task performed by workers today. Robotic automation is no longer out of range for small to midsize companies. The fast return on investment, feature rich, user friendly setup to get this robot up and running in a real production environment without programming skills through drag to teach motion planning (inverse kinematics) is ideal for most high mix or small batch applications.
Address line 1 2704 Cherokee Farm Way
Address line 2 STE 203
State/Province Tennessee
Countries United States
Zip or Postal code 37920
Phone 8655007144
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