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Description ROCKET RACK® is a patented Stainless Steel Conduit & Process Pipe Support System used in Food & Beverage manufacturing plants. It is created with clean, smooth sloping surfaces to allow for no harborage of microorganisms, water, soil or food. It complies with the principles of sanitary design for Food plants, breweries, pharmaceutical & consumer goods producers. The ROCKET RACK® is engineered to withstand the heaviest of loads, making it perfect for process lines carrying chilled water, tallow, etc. The ROCKET RACK® is prefabricated, so no on-site drilling, cutting or threading of stainless steel is necessary, eliminating the chance of product contamination. Manufacturing the patented ROCKET RACK® Conduit & Pipe Support Racks without the permission of Unique Metal Solutions, LLC, (by license or waiver) constitutes infringement and will expose the unauthorized user AND manufacturer to liability under U.S. Patent Law. ROCKET RACK® U.S. Patents: D608,183 S, D599,194 S, D599,193 S, D653,524 S & D649,863 S and patents pending. The Proprietary and Confidential Information contained in this drawing is the sole property of Unique Metal Solutions, LLC, dba ROCKET RACK®. Any reproduction in part or as a whole without the written permission of Unique Metal Solutions, LLC, dba ROCKET RACK® is prohibited.
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