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Name Forge Nano
Description Our vision is to be the world leader of innovative materials solutions; creating safer and more efficient products. Formerly PneumatiCoat Technologies, our name has changed but our vision has not: Enable materials solutions that will change the world. From a bootstrapped garage lab to receiving our first large investment, the vision has never varied. Forge Nano’s founders and senior scientists believe precision nano-coatings have the power to make many other technologies safer, cheaper and more efficient. Many technologies perform great at laboratory scale. However, scaling those innovations is often extremely difficult, resulting in revolutionary technologies sitting on the shelf until manufacturing solutions can be developed. Forge Nano has developed such a manufacturing solution and we are pursuing product development for many revolutionary technologies.
Address line 1 1172 W Century Dr #240
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State/Province Colorado
Countries United States
Zip or Postal code 80027
Phone 7209030242
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