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Name Centricity
Description Since 1997, Centricity Corporation has served the automation industry by supplying the highest quality rotary index devices and I.D. parts feeding systems. Our founder, Richard Amendolea, has been involved with the design and construction of automation equipment since the late 1970’s. Through those many years of design, ideas for flexible products to assist the Design Engineer were developed and successfully installed in many varied applications. In the late 1990’s, Centricity Corporation was founded to further develop and bring to market, the most successful of these products. The first of these products was the AccuRing™ Rotary Table. With its’ patented “open-center” architecture, new and exciting opportunities arose in the design of automation equipment. No longer were Designers limited to mounting ancillary equipment on the outside of rotary devices. The large open-center available in the AccuRing™ Rotary Table, led to many new and innovative processes. Following the AccuRing™, Centricity Corporation introduced its’ fully “field configurable” rotary indexer, the MS Series™ Indexer. From its’ touch screen pendant, all motion functions are configurable including indexing applications, continuous motion profiles with “on-the-fly” adjustments, and sequential moves (chaining together moves of varying distances, directions, and speeds). Centricity’s latest product is the Feedscape™ Parts Handling System. This patented I.D. parts feeding system, captures and controls parts on their inside diameter or other inside feature. No longer can parts fall-off or flip-over. And part jams, typical of vibratory tracks, are all but eliminated. Feedscape™ can even feed parts directly from a vibratory bowl, and position them to the final disposition point without ever losing contact and control of the part. This unique feeding technology lends itself to many applications including assembly, packaging, counting, sorting, and inspection. Equal to its line of top quali
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