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Name Nantong Huadong Lubrication Equipment Co, Ltd
Description Nantong Huadong Lubrication Equipment Co, Ltd is specialized in lubrication equipment R & D, manufacturing and sales and service of well-known enterprises. There are currently dry lubrication, lubrication the two products. The main products are: dry oil lubrication system equipment and components, lubrication oil station, lubrication equipment, high and low pressure thin oil lubrication system and lubricant components, hydraulic systems equipment and components, fluid lubrication piping accessories (all kinds of fittings , hose clamp, etc.), various types of coolers, filters and other lubricating parts, range, quality stable, affordable, products have been widely used in metallurgy, mining, heavy machinery, electricity, chemicals, building materials, oil, ports, terminals, paper, shipbuilding, environmental protection, defense, machine tool and other industries. 南通市华东润滑设备有限公司成立于2001年底,是专门从事润滑设备研发、制造与销售及服务的知名企业。公司目前有干油润滑、稀油润滑两大类产品。主要产品有:干油集中润滑系统设备及其元件、稀油站、稀油润滑装置、高低压稀油润滑装置及润滑元件、液压系统设备及其元件、液润滑管路附件(各类管接头、管夹等)、各类冷却器、过滤器等 润滑配件,品种齐全、质量稳定、价格实惠,产品已广泛应用于冶金、矿山、重机、电力、化工、建材、石油、港口、码头、造纸、船舶、环保、军工、机床等行业。
Address line 1 Qingdong City Yonghe Town Industrial Park No.6
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State/Province Jiangsu
Countries China
Zip or Postal code 226263
Phone 0086-15862856573
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Fax 0086-513-83621606
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