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Name SharkSkin Design
Description SharkSkin Design was established with one purpose in mind. To create a company that is customer focused from beginning to end. We make sure the customer gets what they want, when they need it. To accomplish this we feel it is in the customers best interest to work directly with the people who will ultimately be taking their ideas and direction and developing them into the most cost effective, attention grabbing display program. Our key to success is very simple, removing some of the unnecessary steps of the old design and development process were information can be lost, miss-communicated, or hindered due to the long communication process all current P-O-P companies have in place. Our process is simple and it works. We put the customer in touch immediately with those who are designing your display program; they are your key contact from start to finish. From day one you are talking to a designer or engineer not Sales, not customer service, not project managers. 90% of all P-O-P projects don’t have the luxury of time, and these extra steps take away from completing the project on time and in budget. We have been able to accomplish what our competition normally would take 3-4 weeks down to 3-4 days for initial concept development and quote. Production is sourced through our vast vendor network of Domestic and import manufactures to get you a production time-line and price that can meet the toughest of timeframes and budgets. Many times we can have displays produced in as little as 2 weeks depending on material and logistics, something our competition can only hope to achieve. SharkSkin Design is owned and operated by Patrick Douglas, an experienced, talented store fixture and P-O-P designer/engineer, who has been working in the industry for the past 15+ years. With his direction SharkSkin Design has the ability to find the most cost-effective solutions to your design challenge or offer up great creative alternatives that yo
Address line 1 16565 Falkirk Trl
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State/Province Minnesota
Countries United States
Zip or Postal code 55044
Phone 6125247893
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