Complex Cast Part

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Complex Cast Part
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Modified on: March 23,2016  
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Supplier part number: complex_cast_part
Name:Complex Cast Part
Description:To begin, an extrude forms the main cylinder of the part. Draft is built into the sketch to ensure correct draft at the parting line. A new plane is constructed tangent to the top of the cylinder and parallel to the top plane to be used to build the hook anchor portion of the part. The hook anchor portion of the part is modeled as a large mass. Additional cut operations will remove material to achieve the correct design intent. The cut "Shape Bottom" creates a hard edge where the drafted cut intersects the corner radius. The face fillet tool rounds that edge and has the correct draft angle. Split lines will be used to add new edges to the model representing the parting line. Delete face is used to remove unwanted faces from the model, including the fillet stop block. A variable fillet is used to model a fillet that terminates as it hits the parting line. The parting line cannot be filleted.


Download the model according to the specified sizing parameters in either 3D or 2D format.
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monster jesse
2/27/2020 5:31:53 PM
casting part
a look at the drawing with annotations would be a great help to me as well. but thank you for the model.
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