Happy Halloween Skull Assembly

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Happy Halloween Skull Assembly
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Happy Skull
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Modified on: March 23,2016  
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Supplier part number: Happy Skull
Name:Happy Halloween Skull Assembly
Description:This assembly consists of four parts. Three of the four parts are multi-body solids. There are two configurations, one with the tongue and one without. The jaw and tongue do pivot. Skull- The skull is the most complicated, detailed part of the assembly. The skull has several hybrid(solid and surface) modeling techniques. Some of features of this part include surface lofts and boundaries, delete faces, surfaces cuts, and 3D sweep with a 3D guide curve. There are also some examples of split lines to help place different colors of the eyes. A curve driven pattern is used to create the teeth. Jaw- The jaw was created with mostly solid body features but has a few lofts used to help add some detail to the part. Multiple Curve driven patterns are used to create the teeth and surrounding surfaces. Hat- The hat uses a boundary surface to make the brim geometry. Split lines are used as an alternate technique for doing some of surface trims. There is one example of ruled surface to help create the hat band. Tongue- The tongue is single feature, single body part. The solid body is made from a five section loft that shows how to thicken up a point at the end to produce the desired geometry. This technique will work very similarly between solids and surface models


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