Antique Radio Assembly

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Antique Radio Assembly
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Antique Radio
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Modified on: May 04,2016  
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Supplier part number: Antique Radio
Name:Antique Radio Assembly
Description:There are 19 components total, 11 uniques parts, and radio knob has two configurations. This assembly consists of 19 components (11 unique) including the case which is a multi-body solid that consist of all the external wood pieces. The dial turns and the AM dial numbers show inside the escutcheon. There is an limit angle mate that restricts the tuner to only rotate 175 degrees. The radio knob has two configurations used in the assembly where the middle knob is slightly smaller than the three outside one. Some simplified versions of the tubes and condensor are included to show patterning in an assembly. Under Linear Component Pattern dropdown, "Feature Driven Component Pattern" was selected to quickly re-use the sheetmetal part's hole and tabs patterns to place the Vacuum Tubes and Capacitors.


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