Salad Spinner

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Salad Spinner
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Salad Spinner
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Modified on: October 27,2016  
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Supplier part number: Salad Spinner
Name:Salad Spinner
Description:This multi-body part with six solids shows how to create a simple turning mechanism with a bowl and drain basket. This model is mainly created with extrusions and revolves with some hybrid modeling included. Surface geometry is used to create some of the geometry and is used to cut solid geometry where it sped up the design process. There is an example of a surface extrusion using "Direction of Extrusion" to angle the geometry. There is an Indent feature that is used on a surface body. Other examples of surface modeling including: cut with surface, extrude surface, offset surfaces, planar surface, surface knit and thicken. Solid features include: extrudes, revolves, revolved cuts, thins, mirror, delete face, split lines curves and move face. The insert bend features is used to flatten a curved surface to help set up one of the patterns. Also included in the model is an example of a circular pattern of a linear pattern. Another circular pattern uses a different techniques implementing the combine command with the subtract option. There are also several examples of the delete face feature. Also included in this model is the rarely used fill pattern. Download this part to learn more about Hybrid Modeling and how mirror and pattern geometry.


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