Hood Bird Ornament

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Hood Bird Ornament
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Hood Bird Ornament
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Modified on: April 05,2017  
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Supplier part number: Hood Bird Ornament
Name:Hood Bird Ornament
Description:This 50's style hood ornament is a challenging part that has only a handful of flat surfaces.It was constructed mostly using surface features. There are only four extruded bosses in the entire part and three of those are bolts. Several advanced features are used to create this model including some rarely used features. The list of features includes: Surface Lofts, Surface Boundaries, Ruled Surfaces, Filled Surfaces, Face Fillet, Split Line and Projected Curves, Delete Face and Move Face. This part takes advantage of symmetry to help speed up the process by creating only the right half of the part and then mirroring it about the Right Plane. Download this file to see how to use surface modeling to create more advanced geometry.


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