Sunscreen Lotion Bottle

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Sunscreen Lotion Bottle
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Sunscreen Lotion Bottle
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Modified on: July 20,2017  
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Supplier part number: Sunscreen Lotion Bottle
Name:Sunscreen Lotion Bottle
Description:Just in time for summer this sunscreen bottle goes over solid and surfaces body features to create the geometry. This model has different examples of patterns with varying geometry including variable patterns that use Pattern Tables to import and export data from Excel. In this example, the side grip geometry changes length as it is patterned. Two linear patterns with varied instances are also included to show different pattern techniques for non-uniform patterns. This part also goes over surface features including surface boundaries, revolved surfaces, extruded surfaces, surface knits, surface trims and one ruled surface. There several cuts with surface using offset surfaces and there is easy to understand example of a replace face. There are multiple examples of split line curves and the delete face command. One split line curve uses the silhouette option to help create a parting line draft. Other features include a multi-thickness shell, a solid sweep and multiple mirrors. Download this file to learn more about variable patterns and Hybrid Modeling.


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