LMB - Crossed Roller Ballscrew Table

Dover Motion, A division of Invetech
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LMB - Crossed Roller Ballscrew Table
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Supplier Model Description: DSS-LMB
Name:LMB - Crossed Roller Ballscrew Table
Description:The Dover Motion LMB stage takes our standard LM stage andupgrades it in several ways. First and most importantly theenhancement adds a precision ground preloaded ballscrewinside the same cross section. The added ballscrewincreases axial stiffness and the preloaded nature allowslinear encoders to be used in servo applications.Duty cycle, life, and speed are also greatly improved withthis upgrade. Leads are available in 2 and 5mm standardsizes. A larger thrust bearing is also used to increase axialload carrying capabilities These enhancements make thisstage ideal to be used in vertical applications.Optional inline brakes are available to prevent the stagefrom back driving. The LMB ballscrew driven stage hasalso added pinch cover design, eliminating any safety concerns.Travels are available from 2 to 10 inches.


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Dover Motion, A division of Invetech
Dover motion designs and manufactures custom and standard precision electromechanical positioning systems that enable a multitude of advanced processes. OEMs in demanding markets such as semiconductor, fiber optics, life sciences, data storage, flat panel display, digital imaging, medical imaging, sequencing, sample preparation and precision machine automation rely on Dover Motion products to support superior equipment performance. Our engineers are uniquely capable of accurately combining servo and stepper technologies with precision mechanics to deliver solutions to a variety of positioning system challenges. These solutions range from basic mechanical linear actuators, linear motor stages, Z elevators, and X-Y tables, to complete high-speed gantry platforms with unparalleled performance.
Dover Motion, A division of Invetech
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