HS 72-48 M20x50mm, T-Bolt, fits HM 72-48 channel

Halfen USA Incorporated
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HS 72-48 M20x50mm, T-Bolt, fits HM 72-48 channel
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HS 72-48 M20X50
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Modified on: March 14,2012  
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Supplier part number: HS 72-48 M20X50
Name:HS 72-48 M20x50mm, T-Bolt, fits HM 72-48 channel
Description:T-Head Bolt, HS 72-48 M20X50, fits HM 72-48 channel


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Halfen USA Incorporated
HALFEN products are extensively used for connection applications within the construction, engineering and manufacturing industries. HALFEN was founded in Germany in 1929 and expanded throughout Europe during the second half of the twentieth century. Production of HALFEN products in North America began in 1988, and today HALFEN employs over 1,100 people in 15 subsidiaries, further supported by a global network of distributors. Our product range has expanded to over 20,000 products in this period. This expansion has been driven by our passion to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that match the requirements of our customers, and has been guided by our total commitment to provide the highest levels in technology, quality and safety. The HALFEN framing system is a comprehensive line of lipped steel channels, matching t-bolts and accessories, used for the connection of steel components and subassemblies. The system provides mechanical engineers and machine builders with an adjustable bolted connection, offering many advantages over welding or drilling in the manufacture of equipment or complex supporting structures. HALFEN has the largest range of channels and t-bolts available world-wide, aimed at the specialist designer who requires consistently high-quality and absolute reliability. Heavy duty HALFEN hot-rolled channels: Ideal for high demand connections beyond the capacity of cold-formed channels requiring; • Dynamic load resistance • High torque connections • Mechanically interlocking connections using toothed channels and toothed t-bolts • Heavy duty channel part numbers: HM 72/48, 52/34, 50/30, 49/30, 50/40, 486, 40/22, 40/25, 422, HZM 53/34, 38/23, 29/20, HZL 63/63
Halfen USA Incorporated
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United States
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