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Modified on: January 21,2010  
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Description:This macro was updated 1-21-2010 to make the code simpler. This macro in in response to a request. The request was for 2009 but I have 2010 so you will need to modify the references in VBA under tools-references to 2009 or start a new macro and copy and past the program. This macro fills in certain custom properties based on the filename of a part or assembly. For instance, the first four characters of the filename are saved as the custom property "Project Name". The first 15 characters are saved as the custom property "drawing number", all the characters after the 16th are saved as the part title, etc. The title is also added to the summery page.
    Precondition: A part or assembly is open and has been saved.
  Postcondition: Certain custom property fields are filled in based on the file name.
SOLIDWORKS version: 2009
Programming Language: SW_VBA


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