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Description:Let's say you have a sheet for documentation inside your drawing, and that you want this sheet excluded from the total number of sheets that appear on your drawing's title block. This macro will do just that. The macro has a filter for words that appear on the sheet's name and it will only add the note (Page X of Y) to the non-filtered sheets. The documentation sheet must be named with the filtered word, thus being excluded from the total number of sheets. For help/more info, feel free to hit me up at the SW Forums.
    Precondition: A drawing is opened.
  Postcondition: A note "Page X of Y" is added on each non-filtered sheet. It will also update the number of sheets by excluding previous "Page X of Y" notes and re-adding it, in case the number/position of sheets has changed.
SOLIDWORKS version: 2012
Programming Language: SW_VBA


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