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Description:Easily increment your custom property Revision, create new versions of files and move old to an !ARCHIVE folder
    Precondition: Our file naming system always contains "REV X" where X can range from Z1-Z# (for prelimnary) followed by A-YY. Our first version of a file would be Z1. Ideally there is a SLDDRW with same exact filename and a PDF of that. The Part/Assembly must have the custom property, "Revision" PDF file of drawing and SLDDRW should be closed There is a table built in going from IR, A, B...H (skip I), J, K, (skip L) etc.
  Postcondition: In each drawing folder there is another folder named "!ARCHIVE" otherwise it will be created If the Revision is Z1, it will ask to release. If Yes, Revision is changed to IR otherwise it is incremented to Z2. The slddrw and the PDF are copied and sent to the !ARCHIVE folder and new versions are created next to the model file with the new Revision number/letter.
SOLIDWORKS version: Unknown
Programming Language: SW_VBA


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