1/4" Noshok straight mini valve

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1/4" Noshok straight mini valve
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102 FF_
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Modified on: January 17,2012  
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Supplier part number: 102 FF_
Name:1/4" Noshok straight mini valve
Description:The New NOSHOK 100 Series Mini Valve is a big valve in a little package. Available in electroless nickel plated steel, electropolished stainless steel and brass, the Mini Valve was designed with your toughest applications in mind. All are equipped with both a Viton® O-Ring seal and a Teflon® back-up ring below the stem threads to protect the Mini Valve from corrosion and galling. The stem threads are rolled for strength and ease of operation, and the metal-to-metal hard seat design is 100% Helium leak tested to 1 x 10 -4 ml/s at 200 psi on each Mini Valve. At a maximum pressure rating of 6000 psi for the Stainless Steel and Steel models and a 3000 psi rating for the Brass models, the NOSHOK Mini Valve has much to offer for such a little valve. With a variety of optional handles to choose from and the panel mount option, the Mini Valve will fit perfectly into any application.
By:Mauro Rodriguez III
Supplier name:Noshok
Supplier part number:102 FF_


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