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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 PROSELECT® Valve Box Base Only Piping Components#IVB160BSEPROSELECT jann fidel 6/18/2024
1 Wall socket for external fixing 16A 3P 6h with one top cable entry Panels110306Walther-Werke mohd hazroy 6/7/2024
1 Wall appliance inlet for external fixing 16A 3P 6h with one top cable entry Panels610306Walther-Werke mohd hazroy 6/7/2024
1 Plug 16A 3P 6h with grommet Plugs210306Walther-Werke mohd hazroy 6/7/2024
1 COUPLER 16A 3P 6H WITH EXTERNAL GROMMET Plugs310306Walther-Werke mohd hazroy 6/7/2024
1 MXB-40 Motors Flowserve Mihir PAtel 6/3/2024
1 Indicator Back, Adjustable Various Components129721Mitutoyo James Watt 5/31/2024
1 TRANSFORMER, AC-DC, WALL MT, MEDICAL, 5VDC, 2.5A TransformersACM18US05XP Power Brandon Phung 5/31/2024
1 Micro USB 16340 Lithium Battery Shield Mobile Power Holder Adapter For Arduino ElectricalX12969DIYMORE Vinicius Peres Moura 5/28/2024
1 Mueller Cyclemaster Standard Ball Valve with Purge Port Copper32Tubing32PartsAQ17862C, AQ17863, AC17866, AC17867Mueller Streamline John Haugland 5/28/2024
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