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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 GLC‑TX-C 1000BASE copper SFP Connectors   Marc Nickholz 12/4/2021
1 LR44 贴片电池座 HardwareBS-09-B2BA001MYOUNG(美阳) 先生 邢 11/30/2021
1 P1121 ClampsP1121Uni-Strut Rudy Acevedo 11/30/2021
1 Molex MINI-FIT JR. 5569, 2 Way, 2 Row, Straight PCB Header Hardware Molex 先生 邢 11/30/2021
1 USB3.0 公头 9P 夹板式 Hardware   先生 邢 11/30/2021
1 20022WS-02 Computers20022WS-02A00yeonho jimin kim 11/29/2021
1 Buscar solicitud TransistorsSD1446sgs-thomson Pedro Luis de Len 11/25/2021
1 FC2QFN 17Pin Various ElectricalMAX20408/MAX20410maxim integrated Jason Suen 11/23/2021
1 活塞式隔膜泵 Assorted Hydraulic Components   威 刘 11/20/2021
1 TO-276AA Various ElectricalISYE-1009EH-QRenesas Samuel Schmidt 11/19/2021
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