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VotesRequested Model NameCategorySupplier Part NumberSupplier NameRequested byRequested on
1 STTH40200CHR ElectricalSTTH40200CHRSTMicroelectronics Leena Sachdev 11/23/2022
1 Cvilux CI0105S00L0 Crimp Housing(Latch Type) ConnectorsCI0105S00L0Cvilux EDYTA CIESLA 11/18/2022
1 assem3 Industrial32Systems Merisa Aljic Merisa Aljic 11/9/2022
1 3D step for 228EMSAAFR Switches119-228EMSAAFRTR-ND228EMSAAFR Dao Hop 11/8/2022
1 Freightliner 3D Clip Art   OTIFx Solutions 11/7/2022
1 YW396-04V ConnectorsYW396-04Vyeonho Junhyeong Lee 11/4/2022
1 8903SQO2V02 Electrical8903SQO2V02Schneider Electric Fuad Rivero 11/3/2022
1 SMA Male to SMA Male Right Angle Cable 12 Inch Length Using PE-SR405FLJ Coax ConnectorsPE3W02993-12Central RF Eugenio Delgado 11/1/2022
1 C6S2-4 SMA Attenuator 6Ghz 4dB Male to Female 2Watts S Steel ConnectorsC6S2-4Central RF Eugenio Delgado 11/1/2022
1 3D model with inner layers and material properties InvertersCAS480M12HM3Wolfspeed Varaha Satya Bharath Kurukuru 10/28/2022
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