SOLIDWORKS CAM Mirror All Operations in a Setup

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Description:This macro will mirror all the operations of a setup. After programming a part, draw a sketch line. Run the macro, and mirrored tool-paths will be created. The zip file also contains a bitmap image that can be used to create a macro icon in the SOLIDWORKS Graphical User Interface. To be used with SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard or Professional. To be used with SW2018 version or higher.
    Precondition: A sketch containing a sketch line entity must exist prior to running this macro. The sketch line represents a mirror line in which to mirror all the operations in a SOLIDWORKS Cam Setup.
  Postcondition: Mirrored tool-paths are created in each operation of the specified setup.
SOLIDWORKS version: Unknown
Programming Language: SW_VBA


Macros might contain viruses or other security hazards. SOLIDWORKS Corporation has not verified that the macros posted on this site are safe and that they came from a trustworthy source.

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