Insert existing part into new part

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Description:This macro was created to help NC Programmers utilize a SOLIDWORKS part model that has read-access only. This macro inserts the read-only engineering model into a read/write manufacturing part model that allows the NC Programmer to create tool-paths and maintain associativity to the engineering model. This is helpful for any Gold Solution NC Programming partner that stores their manufacturing data inside a SW Part (such as CamWorks). This technique is useful when NC Programmers have read-only access to the engineering model within PDM. This macro also has a .bmp included so it can be customized as a button with the SW UI.
    Precondition: SOLIDWORKS is running with the focus set on a Part (.sldprt)
  Postcondition: A new part is created and the part that had the focus is now inserted into the new part. The Material from the original part has been copied to the new part.
SOLIDWORKS version: 2017
Programming Language: SW_VBA


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