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Description:Easily export DXFs/DWGs from faces of a part. Select single or multiple planar faces in a part and run the macro to automatically export. I assigned it to the hotkey "Ctrl + d". Now all I have to do is have the part open, select the face(s) I want to export and hit "Ctrl + d" and it saves it automatically. No more going through the DXF/DWG Output wizard. Exits cleanly for a variety of situations and error message pops up if it fails to export.
    Precondition: 1. Part open in Solidworks 2. Select planar face(s) to export to DXF/DWG
  Postcondition: 1. DXF/DWG saved in same folder as part with same name just DXF/DWG extension.
SOLIDWORKS version: Unknown
Programming Language: SW_VBA


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