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Description:Macro to create a drawing from an assembly. The first sheet of the drawing will have the isometric view of the assembly in the bottom left corner and the BOM in the top left corner. A sheet will be created for each individual component that was selected in the form that pops up with the isometric view in the bottom left corner. User must update paths to their formats before the macro will work properly. Enjoy.
    Precondition: 1. Update template file for your machine 2. Assembly open in Solidworks 3. Select Components to add to drawing in the form and press ok
  Postcondition: 1. Drawing created with assembly isometric view in bottom left corner of first sheet. BOM in top left corner of first sheet. 2. A sheet created for each selected component with isometric view in bottom left corner.
SOLIDWORKS version: Unknown
Programming Language: SW_VBA


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